We pulled up to a warehouse fire during a major snowstorm. We knew there were two hydrants within range. We knew that one was not functioning but both were covered with snow. The 360 Response Software quickly located the working hydrant and sent us the GPS coordinates so we were able to get right to work.

- Firefighter Jerry
Suffern, NY

Before we installed this product, I never realized the potential of computing power to firefighters. Not only does this pinpoint the nearest working hydrants, but it also instantly communicates turn-by-turn instructions to get to the fire.

- Fire Chief Ned
Butler, NJ

Having key information at our fingertips is awesome. Not only do we get the exact address of the building where working hydrants are located, but it also tells us the exact distance between the hydrant and the fire building.

- Firefighter Noel
Norwalk, CT

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